Secure OT

Securing Operational Technology

At Secure OT we undertake a holistic “Defence In-depth” approach to securing operational technology.
We aim to understand client end-to-end operations with a view to provide oversight and strategy and to reduce the overall cyber attack risk profile of your OT systems.

Our team of cyber security experts have an intimate understanding of OT infrastructure unique to various industrial sectors and the challenges faced when protecting critical production infrastructure. Secure OT engineers are proficient with ICS/SCADA protocols and possess strong cyber security skills such as penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, forensic threat analysis and consulting and reporting specific to OT networks. We identify attack vectors in ICS architecture, infrastructure, policy, practice and workplace culture before a motivated adversary discovers those weaknesses.

We can passively analyse OT networks without introducing latency or load, potentially disrupting production run time. Secure OT has aligned with leading industry vendors who have developed specialized OT analysis tools with up-time and availability in mind.


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